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Our Curriculum

Ballet:  Christie has developed her own special curriculum by selecting methods from the French, Russian and English schools and combining them to create today's modern ballet with emphasis on correctness, neatness and proper placement.


Tap:  Tap is a popular dance class in Jonesboro to the student because it gives them a sense of rhythm, timing and phrasing that is not learned in any other type of dancing.  It also develops an alert and quick-thinking mind, and gives rhythmical coordination to mind and body.


Jazz:  Modern jazz class is composed of bar exercises, body mechanics of isolations, arm movements, stretches, technique or fundamental movement, progressions, combinations and dances.  Since modern jazz is derived from many other forms of dance, it is complimented by study in other forms of dance and in turn it complements the other forms.  Modern jazz, for instance, is very beneficial to the dancer since it develops control, coordination and discipline of body muscles.


Hip-Hop:  Hip hop dancing is evolving in many different directions today, heavily influenced by the evolution of hip hop music and its popularity in media.  Hip hop dancing is such a broad genre, the teacher has much freedom and room for personal interpretation, and often mixes various styles freely, even mixing them with other dance forms such as jazz.


Preschool:  These classes strive to foster the child's creativity and at the same time sharpen their kinetic motor movements.  At the intermediate and advanced levels, students are introduced to new and more difficult steps and are asked to execute them with technical proficiency.  Students are placed in levels according to age, physical ability and emotional maturity.  Three to four year olds take 20 minutes of Tap, 20 minutes of Ballet and 20 minutes of Jazz. Be sure to check out our other pages to learn about our dance studio in Jonesboro. 

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